24 Mar 2019

Back In The Blog…Again

It’s been 8 months since I last wrote on this blog!  That’s indicative of the fact that I’ve done very little writing in that time and none at all since starting my MA in Public Relations in September. 

Given that this is the second time I’ve taken a long hiatus, I’ve had to think seriously about the point of the blog.  Getting published was all I pursued for five years and this was born out of wanting to share that journey.  It’s not quite been the journey I was expecting or hoping for!!  Other writers share it better than me though and, as I’m not yet published, it’s debatable how much of it is even useful or interesting.

I realised that, thankfully, having named the site “Once Upon A Mel”, it hadn’t been exclusively set up as an author’s website.  Although the title has (deliberately) clear links to storytelling, it also just refers to this being a place where I share “life according to Mel”!

So, moving forward, that’s how this blog is going to look.  I’ll continue to share about writing – it’s still going to be part of my life – but I’ll also be talking about other issues like faith, human trafficking and anything else that comes to mind.  As happens constantly in our social media world, I will talk and if you want to listen then you are very welcome to do so 🙂

The reason for finally writing this post now is that I do have writing news I want to share in the next day or two – nothing big, just an interesting project that I got involved with a couple of years ago.  Back soon…



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