06 Dec 2020

How Chocolate Got Me Back in the Writing Groove

After yet another long hiatus from writing (fiction and blog), I’ve finally finished my MA in Public Relations and am slowly getting back into the writing groove!

It’s not easy.  I definitely need to be more proactive and deliberate about blocking out writing time and setting goals.  But I did manage to start warming up my creative writing muscle again by entering a short story competition.  The Fortnum & Mason Chocolate Short Story competition no less!  I figured something fun might provide the motivation I needed, and the prizes – hampers and chocolate – may have helped too!!

F&M give all their chocolate bars fun/strange names.  You had to choose one of five, and then work with the story prompt (bit in italics at the start of the story) to write a story under 500 words.  I was partly inspired having received a F&M Christmas hamper last year!  I also looked at the packaging of the bar I chose, saw the pheasant on it and decided to incorporate that too.

I didn’t win, but that wasn’t a surprise.  Short stories are not really my niche (either writing or reading tbh) – they have a very particular feel and style that just isn’t me.  And I couldn’t have eaten most of the chocolate prize as I’m intolerant to dairy 😀

But I did have a lot of fun writing “Beneath the Amber Moon” and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Beneath the Amber Moon

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