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10 Jan 2017

I’m So Ugly

“I’m so ugly” was a frequent thought in my teens, closely followed by the similar “I’m not as pretty as her” when comparing myself to friends or other women in magazines and on TV. Self-esteem is a mahoosive issue for teens, especially for girls.  While I desperately wish that young people could see how wonderful and beautiful they are, in all their uniqueness, convincing them of that is often near…

25 Nov 2014

Finally, the Tale of my Self-Diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder!

I love personality quizzes.  They’re fun and although most aren't scientifically sound, they can be quite enlightening. The most serious one I’ve done is Belbin’s Team Roles.  How liberating it was to discover that I wasn’t supposed to be great at ALL those functions!  I can’t remember exactly what I did come out as (Monitor Evaluator and Co-ordinator probably), but I know that I definitely wasn’t  a Completer Finisher.  The…